Handheld Computer Instructions
Step 1. - Get a Free AvantGo Account
AvantGo is a free service you can use in conjunction with your Palm Pilot or Windows CE portable device. Downloading AvantGo's software allows you to save web content to your handheld device and then read it at your convenience. Simply click here to go to AvantGo and download the software.

Step 2. - Setup your Channels
After you have setup Avantgo for your handheld device click on the title below that you want to download to your Handheld.

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and Other Sketches: Published: 1867
The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
Advice for Good Little Girls
"After" Jenkins
Among the Spirits
Answers to Correspondents
Aurelia's Unfortunate Young Man
A Page from a Californian Almanac
Concerning Chambermaids
A Complaint About Correspondents, Dated in San Francisco
Curing a Cold
An Item Which The Editor Himself Could Not Understand
Brief Biographical Sketch of George Washington
A Touching Story of George Washington's Boyhood
Honored as a Curiosity in Honolulu
Origin of Illustrious Men
Information for the Million
An Inquiry about Insurances
The Killing of Julius Caesar "Localized"
Lucretia Smith's Soldier
Remarkable Instances of Presence of Mind
Short and Singular Rations
The Launch of the Steamer Capital
The Steed "Oahu"
The Story of the Bad Boy Who Didn't Come to Grief
A Strange Dream
Innocents Abroad August Published: 1869
Roughing It Published: 1872
Life On The Mississippi Published: 1875-1883
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Published: 1876
A Tramp Published: 1880
Huckleberry Finn Published: 1884
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Published: 1889
Merry Tales Merry Tales Published: 1892
The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson Published: 1893
Following the Equator, Chapter 3 Published: 1897
The $30,000 Bequest Published: 1900-1910
Tom Sawyer Abroad Published: 1903
Tom Sawyer, Detective Published: 1903
What is Man? and Other Essays of Mark Twain Published:1903
"King Leopold's Soliloquy- A Defense of His Congo Rule" Published: 1905
What Is Man? Published: 1906
A Horse's Tail Published: 1907
The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg Published: 1907
Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven Published: 1909

Information Wanted Published: 1867
The Siamese Twins Published: 1869
Disgraceful Persecution of a Boy Published: 1870
My Watch Published: 1870
Niagara Published: 1871
The Sandwich Islands- Views of Mark Twain Published: 1873
The Sandwich Islands- Concluding Views of Mark Twain Published: 1873
A True Story, Repeated Word for Word as I Heard It Published: 1874
Sociable Jimmy Published: 1874 Essay
The Story of the Good Little Boy Published: 1875 Essay
Cannibalism in the Cars Published: 1875 Essay
A Fashion Item Published: 1875 Essay
1601, or Conversation As It Was at the Social Fireside in the Time of the Tudors Published: 1876
About Magnanimous Incident Literature Published: 1878
A Presidential Candidate Published: 1879
Concerning the American Language Published: 1882
On the Decay of the Art of Lying Published: 1882
Punch, Brothers, Punch Published: 1882
What Ought He to Have Done- Mark Twain's Opinion Published: 1885
Archimedes 1887-originally published under the name "Twark Main" Essay Published: 1887
The Comedy of Those Extraordinary Twins Published: 1893-1894
Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses Published: 1895
Private History of the "Jumping Frog" Story Published: 1897
Concerning the Jews Published: 1900
My Debut as a Literary Person Published: 1900
My First Lie and How I Got Out of It Published: 1900
A Salutation Speech from the Nineteenth Century to the Twentieth Published: 1900
Burlesque Biography Published: 1900-1909
To the Person Sitting in Darkness Published: 1901
To My Missionary Critics Published: 1901
A New Crime Published: 1903
Instructions in Art Published: 1903
A Ghost Story Published: 1903
The great Revolution in Pitcairn Published: 1903
Christian Citizenship Published: 1905
The Czar's Soliloquy Published: 1905
Overspeeding Published: 1905
Russian Liberty Has Had Its Last Chance Published: 1905
A Fable Published: 1909

1868 Toast To Woman Published: 1868
The Whittier Birthday Dinner Speech Published: 1877
The Regular Toast. Woman--God Bless Her Published: 1882
Training That Pays Published: 1901
At the Dinner to Benjamin B. Odell, Jr. Published: 1901
Seventieth Birthday Speech Published: 1905
The Story of a Speech Published: 1910

Mark Twain's Letters Written: 1860-1908
Mark Twain's Letters Home from Hawaii Written: 1866
Mark Twain's Correspondence with the San Francisco Alta California Written: December 1866 to June 1867
Mark Twain, New York, to "Dear Folks" (Jane Clemens et al), Written: 1867 1867
Mark Twain, New York, to Joseph H. TwichellWritten: 1868 Nov 28 1868
Mark Twain to (Elisha) Bliss Written: May 15 1871
Mark Twain to Captain (John E.) Mouland, (1872) Written: Dec 3 1872
Mark Twain, Langham Hotel, London, to (Elisha) Bliss Written: (1873) Jul 71873
Mark Twain, Hartford, CT, to "Miss Harriet," Written: Jun 14 1876
Mark Twain, Hartford, CT, to (George) Bentley Written: Sep 15 1877
Mark Twain to Charles Erskine Scott Wood with AN by Charles Erskine Scott Wood Written: Aug 1882
Mark Twain, Hartford, CT., to Horace Russell Written: 1882 Dec 12 1882
Mark Twain to Augustin Daly Written: Feb 17 1884
Mark Twain to Edward Howard House Written: Jul 26 1886
Letter to the Editor of Free Russia Written: 1890
Mark Twain, Hartford, CT, to Fred J. Hall Written: Dec 27 1890
Mark Twain to Unknown, n.y. Wednesday Written: 1900-1910
Mark Twain, Riverdale, NY, to Unknown, (1901-1903) Written: 1901-1903
Mark Twain on "Huck Finn" Written: 1902
Mark Twain to Unknown; on verso Written: 1902

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