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The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and Other Sketches: Published: 1867
Innocents Abroad August Published: 1869
Roughing It Published: 1872
The Gilded Age Published: 1873
Life On The Mississippi Published: 1875-1883
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Published: 1876
A Tramp Abroad Published: 1880
The Prince and the Pauper Published: 1881
Huckleberry Finn Published: 1884
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Published: 1889
Merry Tales Merry Tales Published: 1892
American Claimant Published: 1892
The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson Published: 1893
Following the Equator Published: 1897
The $30,000 Bequest Published: 1900-1910
Tom Sawyer Abroad Published: 1903
Tom Sawyer, Detective Published: 1903
What is Man? and Other Essays of Mark Twain Published:1903
Extracts from Adam's Diary Published: 1904
"King Leopold's Soliloquy- A Defense of His Congo Rule" Published: 1905
Eve's Diary Published: 1906
What Is Man? Published: 1906
A Horse's Tail Published: 1907
The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg Published: 1907
Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven Published: 1909

Information Wanted Published: 1867
The Siamese Twins Published: 1869
Disgraceful Persecution of a Boy Published: 1870
My Watch Published: 1870
Niagara Published: 1871
The Sandwich Islands- Views of Mark Twain Published: 1873
The Sandwich Islands- Concluding Views of Mark Twain Published: 1873
A True Story, Repeated Word for Word as I Heard It Published: 1874
Women's Temperance Movement Published: 1874 Essay
Sociable Jimmy Published: 1874 Essay
The Story of the Good Little Boy Published: 1875 Essay
Cannibalism in the Cars Published: 1875 Essay
A Fashion Item Published: 1875 Essay
1601, or Conversation As It Was at the Social Fireside in the Time of the Tudors Published: 1876
About Magnanimous Incident Literature Published: 1878
A Presidential Candidate Published: 1879
Concerning the American Language Published: 1882
On the Decay of the Art of Lying Published: 1882
Punch, Brothers, Punch Published: 1882
What Ought He to Have Done- Mark Twain's Opinion Published: 1885
Archimedes 1887-originally published under the name "Twark Main" Essay Published: 1887
The Comedy of Those Extraordinary Twins Published: 1893-1894
Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses Published: 1895
Private History of the "Jumping Frog" Story Published: 1897
The Golden Arm Published: 1897
Concerning the Jews Published: 1900
My Debut as a Literary Person Published: 1900
My First Lie and How I Got Out of It Published: 1900
A Salutation Speech from the Nineteenth Century to the Twentieth Published: 1900
Burlesque Biography Published: 1900-1909
To the Person Sitting in Darkness Published: 1901
To My Missionary Critics Published: 1901
A New Crime Published: 1903
Instructions in Art Published: 1903
A Ghost Story Published: 1903
The great Revolution in Pitcairn Published: 1903
Christian Citizenship Published: 1905
The Czar's Soliloquy Published: 1905
Overspeeding Published: 1905
Russian Liberty Has Had Its Last Chance Published: 1905
Hunting Turkey Published: 1906
A Fable Published: 1909
The War Prayer Published: 1912

1868 Toast To Woman Published: 1868
The Whittier Birthday Dinner Speech Published: 1877
The Regular Toast. Woman--God Bless Her Published: 1882
Training That Pays Published: 1901
At the Dinner to Benjamin B. Odell, Jr. Published: 1901
Seventieth Birthday Speech Published: 1905
The Story of a Speech Published: 1910

Mark Twain, New York, to "Dear Folks" (Jane Clemens et al), Written: 1867
Mark Twain, New York, to Joseph H. TwichellWritten: 1868 Nov 28 1868
Mark Twain to (Elisha) Bliss Written: May 15 1871
Mark Twain to Captain (John E.) Mouland, (1872) Written: Dec 3 1872
Mark Twain, Langham Hotel, London, to (Elisha) Bliss Written: (1873) Jul 7, 1873
Mark Twain, Hartford, CT, to "Miss Harriet," Written: Jun 14 1876
Mark Twain, Hartford, CT, to (George) Bentley Written: Sep 15 1877
Mark Twain to Charles Erskine Scott Wood with AN by Charles Erskine Scott Wood Written: Aug 1882
Mark Twain, Hartford, CT., to Horace Russell Written: 1882 Dec 12 1882
Mark Twain to Augustin Daly Written: Feb 17 1884
Mark Twain, Letter to Free Trade ClubWritten: 1885
Mark Twain to Edward Howard House Written: Jul 26 1886
Letter to the Editor of Free Russia Written: 1890
Mark Twain, Hartford, CT, to Fred J. Hall Written: Dec 27 1890
Mark Twain to Unknown, n.y. Wednesday Written: 1900-1910
Mark Twain, Letter to William LamptonWritten: 1901
Mark Twain, Riverdale, NY, to Unknown, (1901-1903) Written: 1901-1903
Mark Twain on "Huck Finn" Written: 1902

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