Handheld Computer Instructions
Step 1. - Get a Free AvantGo Account
AvantGo is a free service you can use in conjunction with your Palm Pilot or Windows CE portable device. Downloading AvantGo's software allows you to save web content to your handheld device and then read it at your convenience. Simply click here to go to AvantGo and download the software.

Step 2. - Setup your Channels
After you have setup Avantgo for your handheld device click on the title below that you want to download to your Handheld.

What is Man and other Essays Published: 1903 A Deception
Extracts from Adam's Diary
Amended Obituaries
The Californian's Tale
Switzerland, The Cradle of Liberty
A Cure for the Blues
The Curious Book
A Scrap of Curious History
The Danger of Lying in Bed
The Death of Jean
A Dog's Tale
English as She is Taught
Concerning Tobacco
Eve's Diary
The First Writing Machines
The Five Boons of Life
Was it Heaven? or Hell?
A Helpless Situation
How to Tell a Story
A Humane Word from Satan
In Memoriam
As Concerns Interpreting the Deity
Is Shakespeare Dead?
Italian with Grammar
Italian without a Master
A Letter to the Secretary of Treasury
How to Make History Dates Stick
Does the Race of Man Love a Lord?
The Memorable Assassination
Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale
A Monument to Adam
Portrait of King William III
Post-Mortem Poetry[1]
Saint Joan of Arc: Part I
Saint Joan of Arc: Part II
Saint Joan of Arc: Part III
Saint Joan of Arc: Part IV
At the Shrine of St. Wagner
A Simplified Alphabet
Taming the Bicycle
A Telephonic Conversation
The Bee
The Turning-Point of my Life
The Wit Inspirations of the "Two-Year-Olds"
General Washington's Negro Body-Servant

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