Stoical When Schoolmaster Applied the Rod.

"Do I remember Mark Twain? Well I guess so," said James M. Collins, "Sam and I were boys together. He and I are about the same ago and we've pulled off many a prank together, but many of them I have long since forgotten. Sam and I attended a private school conducted by John D. Dawson, located in the center of the ground that is now the city park. I was not so much for fun as Sam and he caused me to get a many a whipping that otherwise I would not have gotten. Old Dawson gave Sam Many a thrashing for his misbehavior, but Sam would never shed a tear. He knew that he deserved it and he took it like a man. There has been a good deal of conjecture as to who was Mark Twain's 'Tom Sawyer.' That character, I believe, was (text missing) Pavey. Pavey was Sam's most intimate friend and the more I read his books the more I am convinced of that fact."

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