Still at the case

Men Who Worked With Twain In Hannibal Recalls Old Days.

Montgomery City, Mo. April 23.-It was with a sad heart and a bowed head that Mark Twain's old friend and co-labor at the "case." Tyler W. Parker of this city, in point of service the oldest printer in Missouri, heard the news yeasterday of the passing of America's greatest humorist, with whom he had set type for more than forty years, "throwing in dead type."

"It is not unexpected,' he murmured as he turnedd around and got down from the case. After a moment's silence, he said:

"Yes, I worked with Mark Twain as far back as 1853, 1854 and 1855, in The Messenger office at Hannibal-that is, I worked with Mark when he worked. You know he wasn't much on work in those days."

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