Left Trousers on Roof When Father Rescued Him in Dark.

"Mark Twain as I remember him was the meanest chap in our school," said Mrs. Fannie (Buchanan) Velie, "I used to take music lessons from Sam's sister, Miss Amelia, and many a time he has pulled my hair and teased me until I felt like I could almost kill him. My father bought a piano and placed it in the Mark Twain home with the understanding that Miss Amelia was to pay the rental by teaching my sister and me how to play. I went to Mark's home nearly every afternoon with my sister for a lesson, and oftentimes when Sam was about we would have to leave the house and wait, until he had gone away. If he didn't leave then we just postponed the lesson. I'll never forget the time Sam got stuck on a tar roof. I was never tickled so much in my life. Sam was always fond of the girls and was great on 'showing off' before them. One day a crowd of us girls and boys were playing about the yard in one of our neighbor's homes. There was a shed on the premises that had just been remodeled and supplied with a tar roof. Sam was acting funny so he got upon the shed and sat down. This shocked us girls to think that he would do such a thing and he was greatly elated over it. Pretty soon when he attempted to get up he found that he couldn't budge an inch. Nobody could get to him without getting tar on themselves, so we just let him stick there. Finally after all of the boys and girls had gone home, I slipped over to Sam's home and told his father and he went over to assist Sam down. He got a ladder with which to reach him and climbing up to the top lifted Mark out of his trousers and carried him home on his back in the dark."

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