Children to honor humorist


Line after line of school childdren will file past the black draped portrait of Mark Twain at the First Presbyterian church this afternoon at the memorial services in which Hannibal seeks to do honor to the great humorist. It has been arranged that all of the school children of the city in the upper grades shall meet at the Federal building at 3:25 this afternoon where they will be marshaled into line by their teacher and pass up Sixth streeet and into the south entrance of the church, down the south aisle past the pulpit and the Mark Twain picture and out on to Center street. Such of the children as desire to do so may return to the church for the services which will follow.

The services will consist of adresses by several local pastors and former friends and personal acquaintances of Mark Twain. The music for the occasion will be under the direction of J. Glenn Lee. director of the Apollo club and will be the Presbyterian church choir. The church has been appropriately decorated for the occasion by W. T. League, the florist.

Many business houses will be closed this afternoon during the services and the public library will close from 3 to 6 o'clock.

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