Chapter 8

A Horse's Tale

By Mark Twain
(New York: Harper & Brothers, 1907).


The Scout-Start. BB and Lieutenant-General Alison

BB (saluting). "Good! handsomely done! The Seventh couldn't beat it! You do certainly handle your Rangers like an expert, General. And where are you bound?"

"Four miles on the trail to Fort Clayton."

"Glad am I, dear! What's the idea of it?"

"Guard of honor for you and Thorndike."

"Bless -- your -- heart! I'd rather have it from you than from the Commander-in-Chief of the armies of the United States, you incomparable little soldier! -- and I don't need to take any oath to that, for you to believe it."

"I thought you'd like it, BB."

"Like it? Well, I should say so! Now then -- all ready -- sound the advance, and away we go!"

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