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Samuel Clemens lifeline

1835 - Born, Florida, Missouri, November 30. Halley's Comet appears.

1839 - Clemens family moved to Hannibal, Missouri

1847 - Father John Marshall Clemens died

1848 - Apprenticed to Joseph Ament at the Hannibal Courier newspaper.

1850 - Worked for brother Orion Clemens on Western Union newspaper.

1852 - Edited Orion's newspaper while Orion was on trip. Submitted two sketches to Saturday Evening Post, no pay. Story "The Dandy Frightening the Squatter" published in the Carpet Bag of Boston.

1853 - Left Hannibal and became journeyman printer in St. Louis to earn money for trip east. Printer in Philadelphia and New York.

1855 - Went to visit family in Keokuk, Iowa and worked for Orion's print shop.

1857 - Became apprentice river pilot; earned license September 9, 1858.

1858 - Brother Henry Clemens dies in an explosion on the steamboat Pennsylvania.

1861 - Civil War shuts down travel on the Mississippi. Traveled with Orion to Carson City, Nevada.

1862 - Reported for the Virgina City Territorial Enterprise newspaper.

1864 - Left for California to work on the San Fransico Call.

1865 - Lived on Jackass Hill and tried to mine gold.

1866 - Worked for Sacramento Union. Sent to Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) as a correspondent. Returned to lecture on his experiences.

1867 - Went to New York via Nicaragua. Visited and lectured in St. Louis, Hannibal, Quincy, Ill., and Keokuk. "Celebrated Jumping Frog" published. Went on excursion trip to Europe and Mediterranean on "Quaker City." Briefly served as secretary to Sen. Stewart of Nevada in Washington.

1868 - Contracted for "The Innocents Abroad," his first book (released in 1869). Traveled to California to obtain release of some letters published in newspapers.

1869 - Engaged to Olivia Langdon of Elmira, New York. Worked for the Huffalo, New York newspaper, Express.

1870 - Married on Feb. 2, 1870. Lectured on tours. Son Langdon born prematurely. Langdon would die 19 months later.

1871 - Visited London, England. Moved to Hartford, Connecticut.

1872 - Daughter Susan Olivia Clemens born.

1874 - Second Daughter Clara Clemens born.

1876 - "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" published.

1878-79 - Traveled with family to Europe: Heidelberg, Alps, Italy, and Munich.

1880 - Made Canadian lecture circuit. Last child Jane L. Clemens born.

1882 - Visited Hannibal on river trip while preparing for LIfe on the Mississippi.

1884 - National lecture tour with George Caleb.

1885 - "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" published.

1890 - Visited dying mother in Keokuk, IA. Funeral in Hannibal.

1895-96 - Round-the-world lecture tour to pay for debts. Susan died of Meningitis August 18, 1896.

1900 - Traveled to England to argue copyright laws before the House of Lords.

1902 - Last visit to Hannibal. Went to Columbia, Mo, to receive honorary degree from the University of Missouri.

1903 - Sailed to Florenve, Italy with Olivia, who was ill. She died in 1904.

1907 - visited Oxford University, England to receive honorary degree.

1909 - Daughter Jane died Christmas Eve.

1910 - Died April 21. Halley's Comet reappears.

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