Tributes by friends

School Children to March and Former Acquaintances and Other Speakers Will Deliver Eulogies-To Be Held at Presbyterian Church.

Tributes by old friends and acquaintances and the marching of public school children through the streets of the city will mark the memorial day services to be held in Hannibal Monday afternoon to do honor the city's illustrious dead, Samuel L. Clemens, who will ever be regarded here as "Hannibal's Mark Twain." The memorial service was decided upon last evening at a called meeting of the Commercial cub, and the discussion soon evinced the fact that the service will be one unparalleled in the history of the city and one in which the entire population is deeply interested.

The services will be held at the First Presbyterian church the denomination to which the members of the Clemens family belonged, and will commence at 3:30 o'clock Monday afternoon, April 25, Monday morning all of the teachers of the public schools will deliver short talks to the children on Mark Twain and the characters he created and in the afternoon the schools will form in the streets if the weather permits and all but the lower grades will march by schools to the church under the direction of the teachers. The sight of the procession of present day "Tom Sawyers," "Huck Finns," "Ben Rogers," and "Becky Thatchers" through the streets will be a novel and effective tribute to the universal regard in which the great author is held and it is planned to accommodate as many as possible of the young people who care to attend, in the church although it is expected the seating capacity of the edifice will be early taxed.

The committee on arrangements appointed last night consists of John A. Knott, J.P. Richards, George A. Mahan, W. T. League, J. J. Cruikshank, D.O. Lane, W.J. Roth, J. W. Hays and Sydney J. Roy. The Apollo club will have charge of the musical features of the service and are planning the music now. All of the addresses will be brief, the tributes of each speaker to be confined to fifteen minutes and it is expected the entire service will not consume more than an hour. All of the speakers have signified their willingness and ability to appear on the program.

The program is as follows:
Invocation-Rev. W. C. Busby.
Address-Dr. C. B. Soving, pastor Presbyterian church.
Address-Colonel John L. RoBards.
Address-Rev. Levi Marshall, pastor First Christian Church.
Address-Ex-Mayor J. B. Brown.
Address-Rev. Russel A. Hartyn, pastor Fifth Street Baptist church.
Address-A. R. Levering
Address-Rev. C. C. Grimes, pastor Park Methodist church

Many business houses suspended activities during the hours of the funeral service in New York this afternoon and the flags on all public buildings were half masted. The public library was closed but will re-open at 6 o'clock this evening. Several of the stores showed Mark Twain pictures and relics in their windows. Preparations are being made by business men generally to attend memorial services Monday.

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