Below is a list of stories about Mark Twain. They range from stories written about him in the early part of the 20th century, when he was still alive, to recent stories about the author and his legacy.

100 years after last visit, Mark Twain returns
A new Mark Twain arrived in Hannibal in June 2002, almost exactly 100 years after the original Twain's final visit.

Huck's home disputed
Two long-time beliefs regarding a character in books written by Sam Clemens - aka Mark Twain - are being disputed by local author Terrell Dempsey.

Spotlight to focus on Twain
Samuel Clemens' boyhood hometown has seen its share of Mark Twain mania over the years.

Scholars clarify a quote attributed to Mark Twain
A Hannibal attorney, has reported an error in the Frank Burns/Dayton Duncan "Mark Twain" documentary.

Writers Tackle Mark Twain Challenge
Mark Twain made a deal with the editor of The Atlantic Monthly more than a century ago...

Former school teacher talked to Mark Twain on his last visit to Hannibal in 1902
This article, written by the late Kay Speckhart, Woman's Editor of the Hannibal Courier-Post, was originally printed on Feb. 14, 1970.

C-SPAN gives world audience look at America's Hometown
Millions of viewers across the world had the opportunity to see a discussion of one of America's greatest authors as C-SPAN came to Hannibal, MO on Monday, June 25.

New Twain research at UC Berkeley
New "Huckleberry Finn" by UC Berkeley's Mark Twain Project reflects recovered manuscript, original art, new research.

C-SPAN series to feature Twain, Hannibal
Hannibal will be in the national spotlight next month when a cable channel comes to town to host a live show.

Hannibal the focus of film crew's vision
Documentary director Ken Burn's film crew visits Hannibal to scout film locations for the PBS documentary on Twain.

Film crew captures images of Twain's legacy
Ken Burn's flim crew arrives in Hannibal and shoots video for the PBS documentary on Mark Twain.

Twain's Paradise Replaced
Ron Powers column on Mark Twain's life in Hannibal and the history that was lost when a parking lot replaced one of Twain's early litterary paridises.

Author writes about Twain's childhood
Story about Ron Powers' book on Mark Twain, "Dangerous Water: A Biography of the Boy who Became Mark Twain."

Historical Hannibal Courier-Post stories
These stories were written in the Hannibal Courier-Post more than 100 years ago. There are stories about his death, stories about his last visit, and even one written by Twain himself.

Good-bye to Mark Twain (6-3-1902)
Article written the day Twain left Hannibal, MO for the last time. Twain left for Columbia, MO where he received an honorary degree from the University of Missouri. Complete article.

Death closes sunny life story of Mark Twain (4-22-10)
End came quietly after condition gave reason for hope--hastened by grif for favorite daughter. Complete article.

Hannibal does final honor to great son (4-26-10)
Mark Twain memorial services bring interesting tributes from old friends and students of his work. Complete article.

Connubial bliss (11-4-1852)
One of Mark Twain's first articles. This 1852 story appeared in the Hannibal Journal. Complete article.

Mark Twian spends short time writting (4-21-10)
His Life, A Struggle To a Secure Position in American Letters (4-22-10)
Twain helped print old Courier 61 years ago (4-22-10)
Sincere grief among many Hannibal friends (4-22-10)
Sam's first sweetheart recalls days when they went to school together (4-22-10)
Twain once had narrow escape from drowning in the Mississippi (4-22-10)
Overlooked, when family moved to Hannibal; made mud pies (4-22-10)
Stoical when schoolmaster applied the rod (4-22-10)
Left trousers on roof when father rescued him in dark (4-22-10)
Jumps from windo when he discovers bedfellow a corpse (4-22-10)
Written by Twain on 70th birthday (4-22-10)
Important events in Mark Twain's life (4-22-10)
Proclamation (4-22-10)
In memoriam (4-22-10)
Mark Twain's boyhood home presented to the city of Hannibal
Body in white suit (4-23-10)
Tributes by friends (4-23-10)
Boys sent wreath (4-23-10)
Twain a rebel (4-23-10)
Tributes of Praise to the Life, Work and Character of Hannibal's Greatest Son (4-23-10)
Still at the case (4-23-10)
Twain burial is held under tent at Elmira (4-25-10)
Children to honor humorist (4-25-10)
Twain taught by laughter (4-25-10)
Memory failed
Memorial movemenet
Supported mother
Favored white suits
Wanted hymn book
Liar, said Stavely

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