Donated letter defines Twain's tie to newspaper
A piece of history was donated to the Mark Twain Museum, Saturday, Nov. 3, when the descendants of W.H. Powell, editor of the Hannibal Courier-Post in 1907, presented a letter written by Mark Twain to the newspaper in that same year. "The Mark Twain Museum is proud to announce that it has received a Mark Twain letter with Hannibal connections," said Henry Sweets, museum curator. "The letter stayed with the Powell family through the years and was presented by Powell's granddaughter, Nancy Saxhaug, Grand Rapids, Minn., and her daughter, Susie Loeffler." Full Story

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The Singular Mark Twain
Two people dominated the early years of Samuel Clemens, one a warm presence, the other a cold absence. His mother, Jane Lampton Clemens, bore her burdens with cheerful lightheartedness and energetic imagination. She loved Fourth of July parades as much as she enjoyed funeral processions. Apparently she had a sense of fun but, according to her son, no sense of humor at all. She had a mincing, sharp tongue. She was incapable of recognizing wit or irony. His father, John Marshall Clemens, bore his burdens in melancholy and silence; he said very little to any of his children, and what he said reinforced his austere manner. He was not in favor of mischief, even childish mischief. Full article.

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